Selection Criteria – Responses

Selection Criteria

Even when your resume is well expressed, this does not qualify you for jobs in the public sector. Public sector organizations include Commonwealth and state/territory government organizations, local government authorities, universities, not for profit organizations controlled by the government, legislative courts and other statutory authorities. Often these advertised positions require selection criteria responses to be submitted.

What is Selection Criteria

A Selection Criteria comprises of prerequisites that the employer has deemed as necessary to occupy the role. These requirements are covered under essential and desirable qualifiers and require the appropriate skills, experience, knowledge, attributes and education to be proved to progress your application to the next stage.

Writing a selection criterion can be an overwhelming experience, especially when it comes to demonstrating (not stating) that you meet the requirements. With fiercer competition due to the changes in the job market and higher employer expectations with doing more with less, there is an influx of qualified applicants looking for employment. Employers are continually raising the bar to determine the best fit for the job due to the oversupply of applicants in certain industries. Therefore, what to include and what to exclude in the selection criterion responses is both exhaustive and time consuming. However, even the most qualified applicant needs to prove that they are the best candidate from all the others and many fail in this area because they lack the skills to match their demonstrated experience, skills and attributes to the requirements. Even the resume/CV must correlate with key words to qualify the robotic scanning process.

To avoid immediate elimination, you need to read the job specific instructions and gauge what the employer is looking for. Often this involves referencing applications to the job description and capabilities, such as the Integrated Leadership System (ILS) which is built across five core capability clusters. Key words are critical to the application to pass the robotics, which automatically spit applications out into either a rejected or accepted pile. The latter progressing the application through to the next stage.

How to

To make it easier, each written example should incorporate a Situation, Task, Action and Result, referred to as the STAR approach. This is the preferred method and maintains you more focussed on the requirements by considering the situation (issue); the task (your involvement); what you did to resolve the issue (action (most important)); and the result (outcome).

One way to think of an example, is to reflect on your achievements and the skills you used in realizing these. Another way is to think of a problem that occurred in the workplace, or during any community involvement or place of study. Then draw on the skills, knowledge, qualities that are emphasized in the requirements by going through the motions of resolving the issue/s. Because most of the time we are in an automatic mode, we tend to fix everyday problems unconsciously using our know-how from similar experience, unless of course, it is a unique situation. We never really slow down our thinking process unless something eventful occurs that is away from the norm.

If you are struggling with examples, you should consider taking notes at work or place of study to remind yourself of a situation relating to the criterion and how you dealt with it. It is preferred that you use recent examples (12 months). Do not go too far back as your assessor would be wondering why you cannot relate to these skills, unless there is a genuine reason. i.e. health etc. Also, select examples that show relevance to the advertised job within 2-3 paragraphs, however also note the word limit. Make sure that your resume, carries some of the job descriptions and skills required.

We can help

If you are still struggling to address the Selection Criteria responses, we can write these for you using key words. It is much easier for a professional to find a correlation between your demonstrated skills and the requirements of the advertised position, then it is for you to sift through your experiences and reactions to a situation that are often complicated by your interpretations. Most of the time you can use the same responses for other jobs if the requirements are the same.

After payment, you need to upload the job link, your resume, the job number and date that the application is due as well as any previous submissions you have made, if any, which will provide us with insights into your working /study environment. However, we will always contact you to extract the required information to write the submission according to the requirements.


Please do not leave your application until the last minute as we run a tight schedule, so the more time we have, the more time to prepare. You need to give us at least four days’ notice otherwise you will attract an additional fee.

Please note, your resume needs to reflect the same standard as your selection criteria, as this is also considered in the assessment process. The resume should include some of the job responsibilities and skills pertaining to your application, be error free and neatly presented and reflect some achievements. We can advise you, but we will not be responsible for changing any content of your resume unless a new resume has been ordered, after which we will link everything together.