I have had the pleasure of using Career Essentials on two occasions to assist me in my job applications. The experience has been speedy, reliable and always keen to work with you for the best outcome. As I was changing my carer path, I wanted a result that would stand out for the rest to give me every possible chance of employment. I would highly recommend Career Essentials to anyone pursuing a role that they highly value.

Testimonial 9

George Camilleri
I would like to thank Career Essentials for providing exceptional work in re-creating my resume to get into a government job. I met Sabina 4 years ago and prior to her involvement I was unable to secure a job in the NSW Government. I consistently applied only to get knocked back. I was referred to Sabina by a former work colleague and decided to give her ago; after the first meeting I realised that I had got it all wrong. Not only was my resume re-created but also my cover letter and help in answering the targeted questions. Since then I secured an interview and got the job with NSW Land & Housing Corporation. Furthermore, I used the services again and obtained another role within the Government and with NSW Fair Trading. I have also recommended Career Essentials to other friends and work colleagues in a variety of industries such as Government, IT and Legal who have used the services and have only positive feedback to provide.

Testimonial 8

Frank Alkhas
Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Sabina and Career Essentials for the outstanding advice and support in finding my new career path. The speedy and professional advice helped me when time was critical to obtaining new employment. Thanks to everyone involved and I will be recommending Career Essentials to anyone needing help. Thanks again.

Testimonial 7

Andrew Sands
I have asked Career Essentials for help as I had been confused about the direction of my career. I had an idea of what I wanted to do in the future however I found that by working with Sabina she was able to refocus me. I also asked Sabina for help regarding my resume and I would highly recommend the high quality of work and the speedy delivery.

Testimonial 6

Alexa A
Shortly after completing my undergraduate degree in accounting, my sister gave me Career Essential’s business card and some advice. It was after about six months of failing to get an interview, when I contacted Career Essentials. My brilliant resume got me my first real accounting job. You need more than good grades and Microsoft Word to get a graduate job, you need to stand out. I went from zero interviews to 3 decent job offers. I am kicking myself that I did not heed my sister's advice sooner.

Testimonial 5

John C
I asked Career Essentials for help regarding my career. I had an idea of what I wanted to do in the future however I found that through working with the company that I could get a clearer picture. I also asked Career Essentials for help regarding my resume and I was most impressed with the high-quality work and the speedy delivery that has opened many doors.

Testimonial 4

Alex M
From the initial recent request for a professional CV I was impressed with the promptness and service that was provided to me by Career Essentials, who I contacted on recommendations. I have since provided my CV to several external companies and have received both acknowledgement and positive results for employment. The services that where made available to me by Career Essentials were at short notice and were delivered with diligence and professionalism and I was supplied with what I had hoped for in minimum time.

Testimonial 3

Peter W
I would like to say a huge thank you to Career Essentials for putting together my Cover Letter and Resume. I found it difficult to get an interview for a job due to the fact I am in Design and most companies are very choosey when selecting new recruits. I realised I had to have a professional Cover Letter and Resume. I went to see career Essentials and in no time at all I had a very professional presentation. Within a week, I had two calls for employment and now I have a full-time Design job thank you very much Career Essentials. One happy person.

Testimonial 2

Lana Voronyuk
I wanted to write to you to let you know without a doubt that the resume, application and targeted responses you produced for me and many of my colleagues supported me especially and others in securing roles in our current programs. Your coaching and mentoring after service was superior to anything I have experienced during my past 30 years of work in the government sector.

Testimonial 1

Robert Dick

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