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What is a Resume/CV?

A resume or a cv is your gateway to employment. It is an essential component of the job application process, and an investment. Employers receive hundreds of resumes for job openings, and shortlisting is reduced to a few. If you are missing continual job opportunities it means it’s time to revamp your presentation with a well written document summarising education, work history, credentials, and achievements to create interest in the first 30 seconds. These should be accurately weighed against the job requirements to ensure compatibility using a keyword dense document to qualify robotic assessments.

Resume Don’ts

A splash-dash effort in presenting yourself portrays a lack of attention and a carefree attitude and this transfers to the working arena. Replicas of resumes off the internet; duplication of identical job descriptions throughout your document; too much irrelevant or over stated information or too little, further reduces your success rate. To harmonize with scanning robots there are specific rules to follow to avoid rejections. Such as avoiding underlines, italics, or boldface types, as well as the use of graphics, tables and logos. If you only want your resume critiqued, we can also provide this service. However, this is at a cost. Places offering free critiques are seeking opportunities to drum up business. Please go to the Services Page and upload your resume.

Benefits of having a Resume professionally written

You must consider how much the job is worth to you. A resume professionally written is an investment for financial security and your future. The hardest thing for most of us is to sell or present ourselves on paper. What to include or what to exclude and then to narrow the information with relevance to the advertised position is often a very difficult and time-consuming task. An objective opinion and marrying key words to the job requirements takes a skilled professional. That is why it is important to collect present any significant information that will give you an upper hand. Our skills will undisputedly pull out the essential elements to effectively market your capabilities to ensure an appropriate fit. Don’t forget that a well written and presented resume will not only make you feel proud, but will give you the confidence to glide through the interview process.

Beware of Bogus Sites

Due to the internet exposure and international entrants, the industry is saturated with many resume writing operations. Therefore, there is more competition with lower prices, and quicker response times. Many of these businesses belong to freelancers, and fake sites ready to make easy money. These regurgitate resumes on ready-made templates offering a 'one size that fits all' to meet faster turnaround times. We have scrutinised numerous websites and after testing these we have discovered that many lack the professional writing skills to be endorsed by professional writers. So, if you feel uncomfortable, don’t take the risk of possibly being exploited. Look through the website. Are they authentic? Are they new? Do they have a mission statement or a vision? Do they have a privacy policy? Or do they have a US $ sign? ………..If you have any reservations, walk away.

Your Responsibility

You are responsible for providing the necessary information and proofreading the ordered work for completeness and accuracy. We will not be liable for falsely representing you due to the information you provided, nor will we be liable for any injury or damage caused by omissions, false statements, or other inaccuracies. Please Note*

Any errors on our part will be amended free of charge. Any information provided as an afterthought on completion of the work will attract a fee.