Why would I hire someone else to write my Resume?

Other than being a frustrating, thought – provoking task, it is easier for a professional writer to look at you from an objective perspective and highlight your talents using correct industry specific words, to qualify Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and endorse your suitability for an application. Your resume should always make you feel proud and confident.

There are places offering the same for lower prices. Why would I not use them?

Be wary of superfast turnaround offers and cheap prices. More likely you will get a one size fits all. We have viewed many websites and have found that many lack the professional writing skills expected of a paid service. Also, a free critique service is usually one that is hunting for business. Our search for professional writers indicate the same, as many ‘s called’ professionals have pervaded the online resume market in the hope of turning over a quick dollar. Don’t be caught utilising services that regurgitate information with the same, outdated formats for comparable jobs that are replicated through a production line concept. Your resume is an investment.

How is Career Essentials different from the rest?

We are different because we look at you as an individual, and market you that way. We have been around for over 20 + years, hold HR experience and qualifications and have a strong exposure to the recruitment process. We have literally helped thousands. We do not create graphic heavy resumes, with logos and images which will fail the ATS test. No two resumes that we produce are the same. All our resumes are achievement focussed, meet ATS scrutiny and are quality checked to ensure that you are well presented and satisfied.

Can you explain ATS?

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) track resumes via key word searches that most major companies and government agencies use. The system ferrets for key rich words that match the job requirements. Therefore, it is essential that you are not overlooked because your resume and cover letter is not ATS friendly.

Resumes should be achievement focused. I just do my job, and find this is hard for me to answer. Would meeting targets be an achievement?

If you are hired to meet targets, then why is that an achievement? It is expected of your job. An achievement is anything that takes you beyond your responsibilities, however this must have a measurable outcome. For example, exceeding targets by (number) %: any awards and acknowledgements (what for); something you suggested that improved a process which reduced (number) % in error ratings; saved (number) hours each day by automating a task. Defined the methodology which became the business standard for email management redeeming almost (number) hours per person each week; nominated to head the (what) project which increased work efforts by (hours) through the elimination of non-valued activities. Promoted to (what) due to demonstrated abilities.

Obviously, these are all quick points and need elaboration, however everybody has something to sell. You need to think what difference have you made to your job? You will be guided by a consultant to ensure that the examples you chose fulfil the requirements of the questions

What industry does Career Essentials specialise in?

With 20 + experience in employment services including professional writing, Human Resource qualifications and experience working in a variety of industries covering a wide range of occupations, we have gained the expertise to offer specialised services in any field.

Can I use the same resume for any job?

A well-written resume will be sufficient for any job requiring the stated abilities. However, if applying for a specific role, a targeted resume would better equip you to meet the assessment process using key words to demonstrate that you have the required skills and experience. Use five of the advertised job responsibilities (reworded) and at least three achievements for each job. These would qualify the robotic assessments. You must ensure that any essential requirements are well covered.

Do I need a cover letter?

A cover letter introduces you and should be customised for each application. Achievements and skills should be highlighted to qualify the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Please note, an application means cover letter and resume. Sometimes a selection criteria is required but predominantly in the government sector. Please check carefully as to the requirements and ‘how to apply’ information.

Am I disadvantaged because I am older?

Not at all. Especially if you have a diverse background. That is so valuable. You can use this opportunity to impress by selling your accomplishments and skills. Plus, you do not put your age on the resume and you only go back ten years the most. So, at this stage, you are competing fairly. We avoid putting dates on qualifications as well if not recent and not compulsory to update i.e. medical field. Your eye-catching resume will give you the confidence to have a positive interview. This will give you a better chance of securing the job over someone that is less experienced.

I have a gap in my employment. How would you sell me?

A professional resume writer will help you to demonstrate the relevance of your skillset, therefore it is essential to keep this up to date. For example, community work is putting your skills into practice, and studies, indicate that you are willing to learn. A good cover letter would also reinforce this.

I'm changing careers, how can I compete with people in their field?

You need to demonstrate how your current skill-set can be transferred over and how you can contribute to the new field. A professional resume writer will help you to
demonstrate these abilities. A good cover letter would complement this, especially if it demonstrates that you have the capabilities to make a significant contribution to the company.

I have written my own cv but need a cover letter. Can you help me with that?

Yes, we certainly can. However, you must ensure that there is consistency and that your resume is well written and matched with the same high standard that your letter will be expressed.

What are the different structures used on a professional resume?

There are many. The most common is the chronological which demonstrates a progressive work history. Resume styles range between chronological, functional, combination (hybrid), targeted and infographic format, depending on the aim. Each serves its purpose in highlighting, downplaying or concealing information such as employment gaps and inexperience to secure opportunities. Combination highlights certain skills and knowledge and a format that is not used enough, but can produce good results if done well.

Are your fees tax deductable?

Always check with your accountant however, you will be issued with a tax invoice that is fully compliant with all applicable legislation. Hold this document for your records to make a tax claim.

I need a selection criteria written, how do I go about it?

Selection Criteria writing is ordered separately via email and covers a variety of requirements from Selection Criteria Responses; Targeted Question Responses; Targeted Cover Letters and Suitability Statements. This will require a link to the job advertisement, your current updated resume (which needs to be achievement focussed), and the completion of a short questionnaire. A consultant will get in touch with you to clarify some points. All our samples are based on the STAR approach and should be cross referenced with the advertised job requirements.

I only need to get a critique to see where I have gone wrong with my resume. Can you offer that service?

Yes, we do. We look at originality, professionalism and layout. We evaluate whether the resume is achievement focussed through quantifications that measure success, such as numbers, percentages or dollar amounts. We see if these are separated from the responsibilities. We look for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. We assess if the font sizes are appropriate and consistent throughout? We also consider if the resume is easy to follow, demonstrates a true picture of job responsibilities and whether the whole document makes a strong impression.