Do you have a resume and application letter in preparedness? No use tackling the job market if you rate poorly in your presentation. 


Job Seeking Workshop

Once the resume /letter is completed and the interviewing techniques have been undertaken you are ready for the job hunt. It is essential to be job ready as an immediate response would leave you in a state of unpreparedness and may even dash your chances of securing an appointment for excellent job prospects. Job seeking is not about going door to door or replying to umpteenth advertisements on the internet that you can't relate to when you get a reply. What job? I sent so many.......can you repeat who you are? Not good!!!  From the first contact you need to be responsive and professional. You have made it this far with your submission.

A job seeking workshop involves two half days of job seeking practices, filled with useful information, practical advice and evaluations. By understanding the job market and effectively using the job seeking tools you have a better chance of successfully penetrating the job market.


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