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Counselling provided by a professional Counselor. 


Counselling/Motivation Coaching 

Counselling is both helpful and often necessary to deal with the adjustment of a job loss however this may have been initiated. This includes dealing with the economic loss, the fear of the unknown such as finding suitable employment, the impact on family relations that this brings, as well as the effects this has on ones' self-esteem. Sometimes all that is needed is some reassurance and guidance, which is why we are offering this service as part of the Professional Employment Assistance Program.  However the job search needs to be swift and effective to prevent the affected individual from feeling inadequate and anxious. The longer the delay the more traumatic this psychological crisis tends to be. Feelings of depression, worthlessness and resentment are common symptoms. As a result the job seeker may waste valuable job-hunting time by doing nothing or investing their hard efforts without any gain by not using the appropriate job seeking tools and therefore missing out on potentially good job prospects.

While our main goal is to enable a person to quickly accept the change and be enthused about the new opportunities that a new environment brings our qualified counsellors are available outside the program for private sessions for more in-depth personal counselling should the need arise.  


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