Ensure that your Resume / CV is accompanied by a great application letter. The resume / cv should be achievement focused. 

Resume & CV 

Our Resumes are detailed, well written and professional. These can be done face to face or over the phone/email. You can modify the Resume to add your own achievements as you progress.    You do not need to use our services to update this. We give you permission to do this. The work is supplied in a Word format. Do not accept PDF as your final handover. It is your experience. 

We have many styles of Resumes to choose from. These within specific ranges applicable to address the current job market standards and job requirements. Distinct formats are segregated into five different levels and differentiated by responsibilities and job value. Word content and style differ according to the classification. 

Standard : Specially designed for entry level jobs or unskilled/semi-skilled occupants. Concise two page resume, highlight talents and capabilities- well presented $120.00

Impact : Developed for people with moderate experience offering a front page winning impact on first impression - $170.00

Graduate: Designed for academics pursuing or completing studies to a specific field with no experience, supervisory roles, public sector positions and jobs within the banking industry. Highlights achievements - $220.00

Graduate Plus & Management:  Created for the academic with substantial experience, including IT, Project Managers and people in middle management roles. An arresting resume that presents a professional background and and an inviting approach to sell the qualities and skills for higher appointments or greater job scope - $270.00

Executive:  A detailed alluring resume that transforms skills into a vibrant dossier of responsibilities, skills and accomplishments - $385.00

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