A Selection Criteria must be accompanied by a good resume. This should be achievement focused.  

At Career Essentials we offer a range of services to meet individual career needs. This has covered all occupations including those leaving military life,  undergraduates, postgraduates, budding professionals, technical specialists, first level to senior managers and those seeking greater job scope, career changes and responsibilities.  Prices are indicated under the appropriate headings. 


You have caught the eye of an employer with a good resume and have enticed them to study you further through your LinkedIn profile URL. The information contained in your resume should be different to your LinkedIn profile and not expose the employer/recruiter to the same information, which can prove to be repetitive and uninspiring. Use this opportunity to stand out from the rest by achieving an All Star profile strength.

Addressing a Selection Criteria – competition is always tough and therefore what to include and what to exclude to achieve a high rating against the requirements is both exhaustive and time consuming. At Career Essentials we prepare a strong application based on the applicant’s knowledge, qualifications, skills and experience.

Professional Resumes and CVs presents the total person and what they have to offer. At Career Essentials we have been highly innovative in our designs while remaining highly professional in our work to make any job  contender a front runner for any position suitably matched to their attributes, qualifications, experience and/or skills.

Application Letters letter writing involves selling the suitability and talents one has on offer to bring the application to the forefront for consideration. Do it once we believe and should suit most employment. 

Interview Techniques & Personal Presentation - to win that interview you have to know what to say with confidence. We organise your thoughts to do this with ease. 

Job Assistance Program - We develop a career pathway plan to close any gaps between job requirements and qualifications and incorporate into the workshop a program that assists candidates to secure employment. This program requires a person to be a Permanent Resident or Australian Citizen, and one who has good English skills. Only motivated and committed people should apply for this program.

Job Seeking Workshop - This session provides one on one job seeking practices, filled with useful information, practical advice and evaluations. By understanding the job market and effectively using the job seeking tools you have a better chance of successfully penetrating the job market.


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