Your resume, application letter and selection criteria, either combined or individually have recognised you as a suitable applicant.

Interview Techniques 

 One on One 


When you have reached this stage, and you have been called to attend an interview you can give yourself a tap on the back for making it this far, as thousands of applicants don’t.  You have impressed your interviewer or the panel with your resume, application letter and possibly a selection criteria. It is always better to be prepared before the interview arises. For instance you may respond to a position and get an immediate reply. This may involve a quick telephone interview. Ouch!! Not prepared....? Well you have got to make an impression that brings you to the lead. The telephone interview may be used to place you on the short list for THE interview. However you will feel confident because you will have a fair idea of the type of questions that you will be asked ……won’t you? Yes…… because you will be prepared after undertaking our interview coaching. There are hundreds of questions to ask a candidate, however many are similar questions that are presented differently, and hence you answer these differently  - not good! We need to maintain you focused and aware of the consequences of your answers. Book an appointment .......the difference in getting the job.

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