The selection criteria is based on the current Capability Framework that is a requirement for all APS jobs and state and local government employees. 

Writing a Selection Criteria


Have you ever been served by a person in the public service and wondered how they got the job in the first place? Well preparation and a good application has always won over -  and in most cases these have been professionally prepared, with strong examples to support these. 


You know writing a selection criteria is sometimes an overwhelming experience when it comes to exhibiting the knowledge, skills and qualities required to fulfill the advertised position requirements. Competition is always tough, and therefore what to include and what to exclude to achieve a high rating against the requirements is both exhaustive and time consuming. Yet we all know that we can do the job, or rather that we are the best person for the job, otherwise we would not be applying - especially if we have read the job description and claim that we can perform the tasks hands down. But can we prove it on paper?  


You see, when we prepare our client’s selection criteria applications we use the preferred STAR approach to ably demonstrate the knowledge, skills and qualities required for each criterion of a job application. Each example incorporates a SituationTask, Action and Result in response to each requirement as well as the Capability Framework for each level which must be also incorporated into the answers. 


What’s more if applying for a job in a similar field, the requirements may slightly vary therefore the examples can be used for other applications as these have been specifically extracted from the client’s own experiences. However these must remain current.

Please let us review the requirements to quote you by emailing your application to us. 

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